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The National Disability Insurance Scheme is one of the most significant social reforms in Australia’s recent history. It is beginning to change the lives of Australians with disability and their families. Below you’ll find some Frequently Asked Questions about how it works, what it might mean for your child and family and how Hunter Prelude can help you.

Things are changing a lot as the scheme is being rolled out. We’ll do our best to update this information as quickly as possible to keep you up to date.

Q: What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new scheme designed to help improve disability services and provide greater control and decision making to Australians with disability.

People with disability and their family will be able to decide for themselves how to manage all aspects of care and support.

An eligible person (known as a participant) is funded to purchase services, aids and equipment from a variety of providers.

As a person’s circumstances or condition changes, they will be able to apply to have their funded plan adjusted.

Q: Who manages the NDIS?

The NDIS is managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).
Q: Is the NDIS means tested?

No. There is no means testing for access to the individualised support provided through the NDIS.
Q: Who can get the NDIS?

A person with a disability or who requires early intervention from birth to 65 years of age who is an Australian citizen, resident or holder of certain classes of visa, and living in Australia.
Q: How do I know if my child is eligible to access this funding?

To find out if your child is eligible for NDIS funding, you can complete the “My Access Checker” on the National Disability Insurance Scheme website.

You can also contact us and we can discuss your child’s goals and needs and whether your child is likely to be eligible. We can also talk to you about other funding or supports you might be able to use.

Q: How do I access NDIS funding if my child is eligible?

You and your child meet with a ‘planner’ from the National Disability Insurance Agency to discuss your hopes (known as “goals and aspirations”) for your child and to form a ‘plan’ outlining the supports your child will need to work towards them.
Q: What is the role of the Planner?

The planner’s first task will be to confirm that your child is eligible for the NDIS. Once this is confirmed, the planner will discuss your goals and aspirations for your child and the supports he or she requires. From these conversations and any reports and assessments you take to your planning meetings, the planner will develop a ‘Statement of Goals and Aspirations’ for your child.

You and the planner will then work together to identify what current and future supports will be needed to work towards your child’s goals. This part of the plan, the “Statement of Participant’s Supports,” sets out the supports that will be provided or funded by the NDIS.

Hunter Prelude can work with you throughout your planning process and once you get your package.

Q: Once my child receives his or her package, who manages the money?

There are three options.

You can manage the money. This is known as a direct payment in which the money is put into your nominated bank account.

If you don’t want to manage the budget yourself, it can be done either by the NDIA or

By a “Registered Plan Management Provider”, which is an organisation or individual registered with the agency.

Hunter Prelude is happy to discuss these options with you in more detail or put you in touch with other people who can help you.

Q: Can my child continue to work with Hunter Prelude when we have our NDIS package?

Absolutely. You are very welcome to stay with us or choose another service provider. You can work with us and other service providers at the same time if you want to.

Hunter Prelude and the NDIA both recommend an approach to working with your child and family known as the Transdisciplinary model.Evidence shows it works best for children and families. Click here to Read More.

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Q: What happens with my current supports?

Nothing changes until you have met with your planner from the NDIA and have received your plan and budget for your child’s supports.

Once your NDIS plan has been approved, funding you may be receiving through programs such as Helping Children with AUTISM and “Better Start” stops and your child’s supports will be funded through your NDIS package.

Q. What if I do not want NDIS support but still want services from Hunter Prelude?

Under the NDIS, the way we are funded to provide services will change. The funding environment is changing from services receiving funds to children and adults with disability being funded.We believe this is a good thing for people with disability and so we are working to ensure this new scheme is the best it can be for children who have a disability or need early intervention

By 2019, it is expected that every person in NSW who is eligible for NDIS funding will have made the transition. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, contact us and we will work with you through every step of the process.