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About Us

About Us

We are a committed team with diverse skills, training and experience in early childhood, development and disability.

We work together with you, your young child, (from birth to 12 years of age), family and community to reach your goals.

We have been working with young children and families in the lower and upper Hunter for over 30 years and are respected for quality services reflecting evidence based best practice. The service is managed by a Committee which is elected annually, and is made up of parents and community representatives.

What We Do

At Hunter Prelude we put you, your child and family at the centre of all we do.

We recognise your unique family situation and see you as the expert on your child’s gifts, strengths, challenges and needs.

  • We meet with your child and family to get to know your dreams and concerns.
  • We work together with you and your child to reach goals.
  • We put you in touch with other people and services who can help.
  • We write individual plans and reports.
  • We work with families through transitions and times of change.

What We Want to Achieve

  • Communities that welcome children and where all children feel welcome
  • The best for each child and family
  • Respect and recognition in our community
  • Continued financial sustainability and growth
  • The continued development of a highly skilled specialist team.

What we believe

  • All children have the same rights to learn and play in their community
  • Good outcomes are possible for all children
  • Community networks and connections are important for everyone.